Sunday, March 6, 2011

Workplace injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia’s Teamsafe program goes out to workplaces in variety of industries to talk about life after a work-related accident and help prevent workers from becoming another statistic.

Talking about statistics, Safework Australia has just released an updated report on work-related deaths (2007-08) – the numbers are falling, thankfully, but still blows your mind how fragile life is.
 From a total of 442 work-related traumatic injury fatalities – 65% people were injured at work, whilst 22% were commuting to or from work. However, a staggering 12% (55 people) were just bystanders – passing or waiting a worksite who were struck by or fell into something.

In 2008/09 there were 130,000 work-related injuries and illnesses in NSW. 9,000 of these resulted in a permanent disability. Approximately 24% of spinal cord injuries are work-related.
 Imagine this…

One day you kiss your wife and say “see you later.” You put the kids into the car and drop them to school, you head to work… then never make it home again – the chances are slight, but very real.

The trauma experienced by your love ones, friends and colleagues has a devastating impact financially and emotionally.

However, what is more sobering is the simple fact EVERY work-related injury or fatality is preventable. Teamsafe is our initiative to help prevent accidents in the workplace.

Read the Safework Australia report here: