Monday, January 24, 2011

Presenting a Story

By Pearl Lee - Teamsafe Manager and Mark Marchiori - Teamsafe Ambassador

Our Teamsafe Ambassador, Mark Marchiori was recently asked to speak to construction workers on the Kempsey Bypass Alliance. This was a mass Toolbox Talk with 150 guys (and girls) in the middle of the Pacific Highway - which comprises the construction of about 40 km of four-lane divided highway south of Kempsey to north of Eungai Rail.

Mark talks about his experience at Kempsey – as a presenter;

“The time comes to be in front of a number of people to present a story. What you are going to say, the way you feel is all in order ….. Then it starts, look at all the people, I find my mouth goes dry and I even go blank with the story I’m presenting. It does get better.

The audience listen and sit tight to hear what will happen, the look on their face, a laugh or tear shows interest and they take in the understanding of what’s is being said. At the end of the presentation and a break comes you are approached and the audience and they give their thanks, they were happy to hear you speak. You have achieved a good doing.”

Public speaking is #2 in the top 10 of most fears. Despite Mark having a brain injury and spinal cord injury, he has taken to the challenge (and fears) so that he can overcome the barriers to living a meaningful and fulfilling life. Mark now speaks as a Teamsafe ambassador about injury prevention and disability awareness on major workplace sites for Qantas and Leighton Contractors.


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